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Same Day Court Marriage Registration Delhi

Welcome To Same Day or 30 Days Court Marriage Registration in Delhi

Conditions for Court Marriage Registration in Delhi:

Part II, Section 4, expresses that specific conditions are required for going into such a marriage. They are :

No Previous Marriage Valid : Neither gathering ought to have a living spouse or wife. Any past marriage should never again be substantial.

Substantial Consent: Both sides ought to be skillful to give legitimate assent. The gatherings ought to be fit for talking their brain and going into marriage of their own will.

Age: The male more likely than not finished 21 years and the female 18 years old.

Fit for Procreation: Neither of gathering ought to be unfit for multiplication of kids.

Denied Relationship: Parties ought not be inside degrees of disallowed relationship as gave in Schedule I; in any case, if the traditions and conventions of the religion of any of the gatherings allow along these lines, at that point it will be substantial.

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